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nikesportpro's Journal

20 January
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aang is not white, abstract games, abstract nonsense, academia, adult swim, algorithms, anime, arrangements, asian people existing, avatar the last airbender, babies, beauty in mathematics, being spoіled ♔, binary, black marriage, blinkies, bubble gum, calling shenanigans on orientalism, cartograms, cartoons, cats, cellular automata, chinese food, color, combinatorial game theory, combinatorial geometry, combinatorics, computational geometry, computers, cooking, cosmopolitan mags, data structures, disney, disney movies, dogs, downtown night life, driftglass, ds, dynamic programming, egyptian fractions, escher, euclidean geometry, eyeshadow, fable, family, forensic files, free samples, free stuff, freebies, friends, funny quotes, geisha, genealogy, geombinatorics, geometry, germany, graph algorithms, graph drawing, graph theory, graphics, hubby, hyperbolic geometry, hypercubes, icon, icons, it's not just aesthetic, japan, katara is not white, knot theory, laptop, layouts, letters, losing weight, love, mac, makeup, married life, marrіage ❤, music, music♩♬♪, my laptop, ncis, number theory, order theory, penrose tiling, photography, pinball, pistols, pizza, poc playing poc, polyhedra, polyominoes, pregnancy, pretty bras, protest, pseudolines, python, r&b, racial diversity, racism was supposed to be over!, recreational mathematics, role-playing games, scientific illustration, scrapbooking, seafood, social network analysis, sokka is not white, spheres, sudoku, tattoos, tessellation, the last airbender, the sims 2, the sims 3, they write in chinese!, titanic, topology, triangles, true love, txtmsgs, typography, video games, voronoi diagrams, web design, wikipedia, xbox 360, zuko is not white, ,